How to Replace a Shower Head

Tools Needed to Replace a Shower Headplumbing wrench

You will have to buy a replacement shower head. Aerated or low-flow shower heads that put the water under pressure can assist save on your water bills without interrupting the feel of the flow of water you’re made use of to in the shower. There’s no need to stress too much about exactly what kind of shower head you buy, because you ought to have the ability to connect any traditional shower head you buy in a hardware shop or section to your plumbing fixtures in your home.

Inspect the box or product packaging (some come in hard-plastic bubbled plans) for a list of tools essential for changing the shower head. At minimum, you will likely need a wrench. It’s also possible you will have to buy some adapters or fittings and you may likewise have to buy some water-proof sealant or thread tape. Some shower head replacement kits come with all the essential items and some list exactly what you have to buy, so make sure to review before you leave the retail store, or you’ll have to drive back and select up something you forget.

Steps for a Galveston Shower Head Replacement

1.  Turn off the water to your home. While this isn’t definitely necessary, it’s much better safe than sorry to switch off the water at the primary shutoff valve to your house. If you reside in an apartment or share water inlets to the structure, you might only have the ability to switch off water to the shower itself.Galveston Shower Faucet Replacement

2.  Eliminate the existing shower head. This will typically only need unscrewing a nut that screws unto the threaded shower pipeline coming out of the wall. Do NOT bang the nut to loosen it, however rather use a wrench to break the seal on it if you have to. The pipe behind that nut and the threads are all required to put the new shower head on, and if you harm them, you’ll have to change piping too.

3.  Essentially, you put the brand-new shower head on the exact same way you took the old one off, so take note of how the old one comes off and you’ll figure it out. Nonetheless, you need to follow the specific instructions found in the shower head replacement kit you bought. If the instructions are missing, you will most likely wish to coat the threading with the waterproof sealant, put the plastic washer that includes your shower head kit inside the screw cap. Follow the instructions on the sealant for how long (if at all) to let it set prior to screwing the shower head onto the pipeline. If you’re using thread tape instead of sealant, you should not need to wait to move on to the next action.

4.  Following the shower head kit replacement instructions, make certain to tighten the nut that affixes the shower head with the wrench tight enough the sealant can seal totally. Do not over tighten up the connections, or you can ruin the threads and cause your shower faucet to leak.

5.  When your sealant (if you utilized a sealant) you can turn the water to your house or the shower back on and take your new shower moving towards a test run. If water comes out at great pressure and does not spray all over the room, you have simply efficiently replaced your shower head! If you have leaks or reduced pressure, you’ll have to take it apart and start over once again.

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